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My current understanding of the Cornwell family is that we have roots in London, (20th. Century), and back further in Wiltshire and Hampshire. Information obtained centred around the Mayfield and Rotherfield areas of east Sussex and Kent, especially gravestones, of which there are plenty.

However, tying these deceased individuals together became a very knotty and expensive problem which had to be abandoned back in the 1950's.

To further my current quest I have shown on this page, a family tree which is probably about as watertight as a seive, but which may serve to solicit information from other Cornwells who have better genealogical information at hand.

My mother was Dorothy Amelia Godden. She had two brothers,  Jack , William ( William married Naomi Wren. Daughter Millicent) and one sister, Beatrice.(m. George ?). Jack Godden stayed in South Africa at the end of war (Boer?), and raised his own family there.

As a child my mother lived in Winter Road, Eastbourne. Sussex. I would be interested to hear from people of the Godden side of my family also.

My grandfather was Benjamin Cornwell (2), married to Olive Rose Seymour and born 1877. Son of Benjamin Cornwell (1)  born 1847, married to Sarah Seymour.

So the tree to date looks something like this:

William C. Still alive in 1846. m. Elizabeth or Eliza Burke or Bart between 1785 - 1790.
Issue 13. Lived in Mayfield. Sussex. England.
Thomas C.  George. Richard. Henry. Martha. William. Albert.  Samuel.  John   Michael   James
                                  I       m.Thomas Cottington.                     + Solomon + Benjamin
m.                    Believed to have married
I                             Harriet ? in Wilmshurst Sussex,
Issue 3                and migrated to America. (U.S.A.)
Benjamin.C. (1)         Ebenezer.        Esther. m. John Holfor. a farmer, Nov.19th.1864.
m. Sarah Seymour                I  b.1844
b. 1847                          m.Rebecca Hope (b.1845) in 1863.
Issue 5                 Elected Mayor of Eastbourne in 1889. Retired 1891.
Benjamin.C.(2)                Arthur.             Sonny.             Henry.         Reginald.
b.1877 18th. Feb.
(birth registered on 7th April 1877).
m. Olive Rose Seymour.
Issue 5.
Reginald Percy.CWilliam.        Ernest.          Hilda.                   Lillian. m.George Farrant
b.1901 d.1956      m. Hetty ?                                  I                         I
I                                     I                         m. ?  Farrant (1)                 Lillian
                          William                   m. William Barnes (2)
m. Dorothy Amelia Godden.1919  Reginald Farrant    Ronald Farrant   William Barnes
b.1903 d.1984
Issue 5
Gerald. Reginald.b.1922 Suzanne.b.1924  Ernest.b.1934 d.1986 Dorothy b.1936
 b. 1929   m. June ?    m. Frederick Lindfield     m.Tessa Vella           m. John West (1)
19 Sept     (Aust)                                              (Malta) 1952?          m. Frank Russell (2)
I                     I                                 I                           I                              I
I              I------------I               I------------I          I---------I               I---------I
I             Drew        Kathy      Gerard      Shaughn        two girls        Clive West   Jane West
m. Deanne Margaret Hamilton (nee Blewitt) of Cooma N.S.W. 1971.
Issue 1
Wayne Travers C.
b.1972 (Australia)
17 April

If you think we may be related please email me and lets compare notes.

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